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Does your company utilize a contingent workforce? Could you benefit from having a vendor on premise? Teams are built on trust and that’s just as important when your team is made up of short-term employees. In fact, it may be more important. By having a vendor on premise, you can create a single touchpoint for all of your employees’ needs to improve performance, production, and quality. Let’s take a closer look.  


What is VOP 

VOP stands for Vendor on Premise. This means you can work with a staffing partner to provide an on-site staffing manager to oversee the hiring and daily supervision of your contingent staff. VOP is most common in high volume short-term workplaces where temporary employees work assignments to help your company with projects, busy seasons, or other aspects of your business.  


What are the Benefits of VOP? 

There are many benefits for you and your team of contingent workers if you partner with a staffing agency for VOP. They include:  

    • Save time recruiting and screening short-term employees 
    • Ensure the training of new team members is consistent 
    • Manage all timekeeping and payroll processes 
    • Provide consistency of supervision and management for employees 

Without a VOP, you will be responsible for the day-to-day processes for contingent staff, which may eat into your time running the rest of the company. Your workforce will also be more productive with a direct staffing supervisor available for them to ask questions or raise concerns while on the job.  


Real Results 

We know numbers don’t lie. Let’s take a look at the statistics for companies that employ a VOP strategy for their contingent workforce:  

    • 76% reduction in time to fill critical jobs 
    • 48% reduction in turnover  
    • 38% reduction in absenteeism 
    • 78% reduction in safety compliance issues 

For you, the ability to fill these critical roles quickly is essential to maintaining your company’s productivity and profitability. For your employees, the peace of mind of knowing someone is in their corner even if their assignment is only short term is priceless.  


Let’s Team Up 

Do you think that VOP could work for your business model? If you employ contingent workers for any aspect of your job, seasonally or throughout the year, having a vendor on premise can only enhance your business.  

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