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Summertime is long and hot. And it’s easy for your team to feel overwhelmed when they’d rather be anywhere but at work when the weather is glorious. But being short staffed can have a lot more implications for your business. Whether it’s due to increased vacations, turnover, or just the way the chips fall, being short staffed can increase disconnect in the office, lead to mistakes, and create bigger headaches in the long run. How can you combat that this summer?

  • Prioritize Workload

When you see your current team is overworked and quite possibly frustrated with the stress levels in the office, it’s time to take a closer look at the work that’s being produced. Make sure you are prioritizing the workload of your team to ensure the right people are accomplishing the right tasks in the right timeframe.

  • Pitch in When Necessary

As a manager, you may think your time in the trenches is over. But in the case of being short staffed, you may need to roll up your sleeves and pitch in when necessary. It may only be a short-term fix for a long-term problem, but it will demonstrate to your team you have their backs.

  • Focus on Communication

Short staffed can also sometimes mean short tempered. That goes for management and employees alike. Be sure to focus on your communication so nothing goes misconstrued. You want to alleviate tension, stop unnecessary arguments before they start, and try to keep the stress levels down so work can be accomplished.

  • Stay Positive

It also helps to stay positive in situations like this. Everyone knows being short staffed is stressful, so why consistently reinforce that? Instead of being negative, create a culture of positivity and gratitude about the work you’re doing. Give your employees a reason to want to work harder to reach goals by rewarding them and praising their accomplishments, big and small.

  • Work With a Staffing Partner

Of course, not every staffing problem can be solved with positivity and pitching in. That’s why it’s a good idea to create a relationship with a staffing agency who can help you find the right people to help out. You can work with them to find short-term staff just to get through the hump, or your recruiter can help source additional team members to take your business to the next level.

Do you want to alleviate your office stress levels this summer?

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