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The modern workforce needs a modern mindset. And today, for most companies, this should include a focus on diversity. Diversity hiring initiatives mean individuals are equally represented and have decision- making abilities within your corporation. While there are the obvious diversity goals, there are others that will also impact your success, such as hiring for diverse ways of thinking. How do you implement workforce diversity in your company?


Shake Off the Stereotypes

Stereotypes are harmful, but they’re also pervasive. It’s very common for companies to want to hire individuals that remind them of themselves while ignoring other candidates who may be equally smart and capable. It’s important to make decisions based on qualifications, not gender-based or racial stereotypes.

Create a Decision-Making Team

It’s hard to understand diversity or the needs of employees if you don’t invite everyone to the table. Representation matters, so it’s essential to have a decision-making team in your company made up of a variety of backgrounds and mindsets.

Educate Your Staff

The education of your staff needs to go far beyond platitudes and one-and-done diversity training sessions. Show them, through action, that a more diverse workforce is better for everyone as well as the success of the company over all.

Implement Flexible Schedules

It sounds strange in a conversation about diversity that flexible schedules would be a factor. But it may be one of the most important. One of the reasons women are often passed up for positions is because of their family commitments. We never have the same expectations of their male counterparts. But if you offer flexible schedules for everyone regardless of their family situation, everyone will see the benefits.

Recognize Different Career Goals

Not everyone on your team is looking to be promoted to vice president, and that is OK. Some people may want a fast track to advancement where others are focused more on work/life balance. Judge each employee’s long-term goals individually, and don’t hold them to the standards by which you measure success.


How does your company hire for diversity?

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