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There are several things to consider when hiring a new employee. You must know your own needs, find the best candidates, and make an offer that appeals to them. Then they start the position, and that’s when you really get to see their performance. What if they aren’t living up to your expectations. Companies often choose to hire less experienced workers because their salary ranges will be lower than those with more experience. But that doesn’t mean it’s always the best business decision. How much does it really cost to hire someone inexperienced for your open position?

  • Lower quality work.

    A less-experienced employee may not even realize they’re making critical mistakes until it’s too late. They simply don’t know enough to recognize them as they happen. And if you don’t catch them right away, they’ll continue with lower quality standards than your customers are used to. What do you do then?

  • Negative attitude.

    When a new employee feels threatened, they may lash out with negative behavior. If they are inexperienced enough, they may not understand you’re simply trying to coach them, and their attitude may take a turn for the worse. This can cause drama in the workplace and affect your customers if you’re not diligent.

  • Attendance issues.

    Sometimes inexperienced workers are not as reliable as those with a verifiable background. You may notice a pattern of being late to work. If you do notice this behavior in an interview process, don’t brush it off. It’ll affect their work for you. It’s also disrespectful to you, other employees and your customers.

  • Customer comments.

    A bad hire doesn’t just affect the office directly. When their poor performance starts influencing customer behavior, you’ve lost money without a chance of recovery. If you’re getting negative feedback about your new employee’s performance, take action immediately to correct the behavior before it’s too late.

  • Missed deadlines.

    As soon as work slips through the cracks, the ability to catch up may be lost. And missed deadlines affect everyone in the office. If your new employee can’t accomplish their tasks in time, the entire team is delayed and that can cause major issues. If someone else picks up the slack, it can make for an uncomfortable workplace situation or make a project fail.

  • Effect on team.

    You know the saying about one bad apple. There’s a reason it’s true. Your team can be easily affected by an inexperienced hire. They may feel like they have to babysit or do all the work themselves. Productivity will drop because of their frustration. This will cost you a lot more than the money you saved by hiring an inexperienced employee from the start.

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