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Staff Augmentation is a pretty easy concept to understand. You have your current full-time employees, but you can work with an agency to supplement your staff with additional workers when necessary. However, there are other ways staff augmentation can benefit your business. It can completely change the way you operate day to day in a positive way. Here are some things you may want to consider.

Save Money

Your cost for each new hire goes far beyond their actual salary and benefits package. The investment in the recruiting process is extensive, including advertising and prescreening. It’s important to take into account the revenue your company isn’t generating as long as the position is left unfilled.

With staff augmentation, your cost is for the time the employee works for you. The recruiting process is handled entirely by your staffing partner. The employee already has experience in the type of job they’ll be doing for you, so your training process is minimal and more of an orientation.

Reduce Time to Hire

If someone leaves your company or is let go due to underperformance issues or other challenges, how do you take up the slack? If you give aspects of their job to others, you’re still only buying time before those employees become overwhelmed with the additional work.

Hiring someone new to permanently replace an employee who has left the company takes time. In the meantime, rather than allowing their work to pile up or overworking your other team members, you can bring on a contingent worker to help keep your productivity on track.

Prevent Turnover

Turnover is a constant problem in the workforce. Even the best employers find that some employees eventually leave due to other opportunities or life changes. While staff augmentation doesn’t completely eliminate turnover, it provides an alternative that can help maintain your steady pace of productivity in the workplace.

If you bring in a contract worker and they decide to leave after a period of time, your staffing partner can replace them quickly, so no time is lost on your products or services. This is critical to the success of your organization.


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