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The work from home revolution began with a bang in early 2020. Companies had to shift quickly to protect employees from the COVID-19 crisis. Many companies then embraced remote work and are continuing with those arrangements moving forward. But what about jobs that can’t be done remotely? How do you attract candidates for these jobs where flexible hours or work from home can’t be offered? While these things are massive selling points for many office jobs, what bout the light industrial or warehouse employees who need to be onsite. What benefits can you offer them? Here’s a closer look.

Ensure a Market Salary and Benefits

The first step is to ensure that you’re paying the market rate for these opportunities. Many industrial workers will jump ship for even a small amount of money, so retention means paying a fair and market wage. But also look at your benefits, bonuses, and other extras. Provide them things that other employers can’t do wherever possible. Add extra perks that make the workplace enjoyable. Some companies are even offering a sign-on bonus.

Use Innovative Management Strategies

The workforce is rapidly changing. Baby boomers are aging out of labor positions, and even Generation X is getting older. Millennials will make up the most significant portion of industrial workers moving forward. Employers also have to be prepared to welcome Generation Z. Learning how to manage multiple generations will be helpful. And providing access to technologies and tools that make their job easier will attract them to your business.

Try a Four-Day Work Week

If work from home and flexible schedules aren’t an option for warehouse or production jobs, then consider shifting to another type of schedule. Many manufacturing or warehouse companies are moving to a four-day workweek and allowing employees to work ten to twelve hours a day for four days a week. By adjusting shifts and schedules, your facility can be staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week if that’s what you need.

Analyze your Training Process

Before beginning any training, analyze your processes. You need to know how to engage new employees from the start, teach seasoned employees new technology or concepts, and continually reinforce your training in a fun and engaging way. Be sure to adapt your training processes to different learning styles, from lectures to hands-on experience.

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