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Companies are learning that they are more successful if each individual who works with them is invested and engaged with the company and their jobs. Employee engagement isn’t as easy as hiring the right people and training them to do a job. You need to encourage them to be passionate about what you do and help contribute to the ultimate success of your organization, and their futures. Here are some great tips for keeping your staff engaged in their job.

Vision and Strategy

Without a clear mission statement both you and your employees will feel like you’re untethered. The best way to engage your team is to work with them to create a company vision that everyone feels like they have ownership over and a stake in the company’s success.

Rewards and Celebrations

Providing incentives and recognition for work well done is one of the best, and most recognized, ways to increased employee engagement. Create programs that engage your team and reward them for their hard work and dedication. Also, don’t forget the value of spontaneity and offer fun surprises and celebrations along the way.

Mentorship Programs

Another great way to engage your staff, specifically your seasoned professionals and new hires, is to create a mentorship program. More experienced team members can take less experienced individuals under their wing to show them not only how to do the job but how to navigate your corporate culture. Mentorship can go both ways as sometimes the younger employees teach your older employees about technology.

Employee Empowerment

Regardless of their tenure with your company your staff wants to feel like they have ownership over their jobs and their projects. Reject the culture of micromanagement and give your employees autonomy over their projects to encourage them to engage with them more deeply.

Play to Strengths

Finally, another great way to encourage your employees to feel more engaged on the job is to pay attention to their strengths and apply tasks accordingly. Look at what people do well and what they like to do most and let them take on those projects. They will be more engaged with the subject and produce better work.

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