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It would be wonderful if your business was always a well-oiled machine.

When things go right, they really go right and you can sit back and relax. But when things go wrong it can be devastating. Sometimes the key to eliminating major problems in the workplace is to be able to identify performance issues before they become a major concern for you and your staff. Termination shouldn’t be the first resort and there are practical ways to handle performance issues in the workplace as long as you can determine the issue effectively. How do you identify these problems in the workplace? Here are some tips to help.

Is it a real obstacle?

When your employee tells you they can’t do something take a closer look at the underlying reason. Is it really an obstacle or are they just being willful about their disinterest in completing the task. Ask them what they’re missing to be able to complete it. If you can provide that and the task still isn’t done, there may be a serious problem.

Do they provide solutions or excuses?

Another trap many unhappy and poor performing employees fall into on the job is to only provide excuses and complaints when what they should do is figure out a solution. If their first instinct is to complain or provide excuses you may need to talk to them about their commitment and performance issues.

Is your style affecting them?

Sometimes the ownership of a problem isn’t on the employee. In the instance where multiple people appear to have the same issue, take a step back and make sure you’re not causing it with your management style. Are you overbearing? Are you expectations too high? What can you improve?

Does work improve if they’re not there?

An employee with a performance issue in the workplace often affects their coworkers in a negative way. If you’re having issues with multiple people, pay attention to what happens when one of them is out of the office. If work improves for others, you may have found the source of your performance issues.

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