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Safety in the workplace is a top priority for many employers. Large corporations establish strict safety plans and procedures to ensure that their staff remains healthy and happy on the job. But smaller companies often don’t have the same resources to develop these programs. That is why OSHA has created the Small Business Safety Pays program to help everyone maintain a safe workplace for their employees. Here are some ways Safety Pays can help a small business’s bottom line.

Raising Awareness of Safety Issues in the Workplace

The prevention of injury on the job is critical to many organizations, so OSHA wants to make it as easy as possible to take action. The Safety Pays program gives employers a key visual for better understanding how these programs, or lack thereof, impacts the bottom line.

Helps Enforce Existing Laws by Making it Easier to Participate

The Safety Pays program doesn’t establish anything new or revolutionary, but it does make it easier for businesses to see how safety programs can influence their overall financial well-being. The more education employers have regarding safety in the workplace, the easier it is for OSHA to ensure compliance.

Demonstrates the Financial Impact of Injuries in the Workplace

The most important aspect of Safety Pays is the ability to learn more about the way injuries on the job affect money. You can select an injury from a drop down menu of injury types and learn what the direct and indirect costs of that injury will be on the business. Insurance coverage will also affect this cost, but it is amazing to see how even minor injuries can impact business and productivity.

Provides Tools to Reach out to OSHA Offices to Learn More

If you want to know more about Safety Pays or the other programs offered by OSHA, reach out to your local representatives. They can help you better understand how safety affects your employees and your bottom line.

How can you make safety a priority?

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