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The workplace is changing fast. When it comes to trends in the staffing industry, it seems like there is new technology introduced almost every day to make our work faster, more productive, and more collaborative. But how do you know which trends are going to stick around and help you stay efficient? Here are a few ways to keep up with the ever-evolving workplace trends to help you as work gets busy.  


Online Time Management 

With nearly every working professional having access to online tools and smart devices, time management is easier than ever before. From something as simple to Google Calendar to dedicated project management tools like Trello or Asana, you can tap into an easy to use app that will help you keep your schedule updated and at your fingertips. If you find that a workday gets busy and you can’t keep up with handwritten schedules, try an online app to stay organized.  


Google Alerts 

If you want to keep up with industry trends, one of the best free tools available is Google Alerts. These alerts allow you to enter as many words and phrases as you’d like to get an email or email digest every time something is posted online. For example, if you want to know about employment law compliance, you can set that as an alert. When news is posted anywhere on the internet, you will be notified.  


Listen to Podcasts  

For more long-form information to stay up to date with the industry, consider subscribing to a variety of podcasts. These online radio shows have been gaining in popularity, and many established and respected professionals in the field offer their insights. This is a great way to spend your commute as you can listen in your car or on the train and learn as you travel.  


Get Involved 

Of course, even with the convenience of the internet, there is no substitute for personal interaction. The beautiful part is that you can use social media or other online networking platforms to facilitate your ability to get involved. Look at local groups on LinkedIn or Facebook that are relevant to your industry and the topics you need most. When possible, take these discussions offline.  


How can you keep up with new trends?

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