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Recruiting is an art as much as it is a science. To find the right individual for an open position takes a good eye, attention to detail, and the ability to uncover hidden facts. But whenever there is a weak link in the recruiting chain, the effects can be devastating. It could lead to long fill times or bad hires. When taking a closer look at the recruiting process, how can you spot the weakest point? And, once you do, how do you correct it? Here are some things to consider.

How You Advertise

The first step in most hiring processes is interviewing. When you get the word out about your open positions, what do you do first? Are you advertising in traditional media, online, or social media? Are you reaching out to your current employees to receive referrals that can help you find the right people?

The Resume Selection Process

Once you begin to advertise, you will receive resumes. It can be daunting, and sometimes frustrating, to receive hundreds of resumes for one open position and have to go through them. You may find that some are not qualified at all, which will make it more difficult to determine the right candidates.

Timeframe for Interviews 

Often where the system breaks down is the timeframe around interviews. Many companies choose to prescreen multiple individuals over the phone and only invite the top 3 or 5 for face interviews. Then there are sometimes second or third interviews. While these steps can help in the long run, they also take time which affects the availability of the best candidates, who are certainly still looking for other jobs.

Making an Offer

The same is true for the offer process. Some hiring managers are hesitant to make an offer because they want to see who else is available, but that can cost them a stellar candidate. If you’re taking too much time to make a selection, this could be a weak link in your process that could cause you to start over from the beginning.

Onboarding Process

Lastly, if the rest of your process runs smoothly you can still have a problem after you’ve made an offer. An astounding percentage of new employees leave before the first 90 days are up. Having an incomplete training process can be the culprit. Educate new employees on the company culture as well as the job duties. Allow them to provide feedback ad be constructive in your responses to them.

How can hiring managers improve the recruiting process?

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