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Rules are not static. Your company will likely have to implement new policies or procedures a number of times throughout the years. How do you convince your team that a change in company policy is a good thing or ensure their compliance? Here are a few tips for implementing company policies and make sure they are well received and followed.

  • Share the problem and solution. When making a big change in your company it is important to be as open about the reasons as possible. Don’t simply make a rule change and never explain why. Most changes in policies come after some research or an unexpected situation. Let your team know why the policy has been changed and what the solution is so they understand that it isn’t simply arbitrary.
  • Demonstrate the benefits. Change can be difficult to swallow so be sure to share the positive reasons for this new policy. How will this improve each individual’s job? How will they benefit long term from the change? Don’t just tell them that the new process is better than the old one; demonstrate how these changes will directly impact them in a positive way.
  • Open communications. Regardless of how positively the new policy has been implemented, there will be concerns from your staff. Don’t simply dismiss them. Let everyone know that you are available to talk to about the changes. Listen to what they have to say and understand where they are coming from. Assure them as much as you can that the policy change is in their best interest and the best interest of the company overall.
  • Set goals for implementation. When your team has a common goal to work toward they can feel engaged with the process. Changing a policy may require you to establish new goals and metrics and offer these to your team as a means to achievement. Provide incentives and rewards for anyone who is able to successful implement the change and set a time frame for the entire company to be working with the new policy.

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