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Corporate culture is one that has been largely created with the idea that anyone can push themselves past their breaking point and succeed. It is a hallmark of a successful employee to sacrifice their personal life for their professional career, but is that really healthy? Are you seeing more injuries and illnesses in your workplace? And we don’t just mean physical. Are you noticing problems with productivity and performance? This might be indicative of internal issues that need immediate attention. How can you change the way your staff functions to make them more balanced and successful?

What Is the Number One Complaint?

What are you hearing from your team on a regular basis? If you have heard the same complaints over and over again, it is imperative that you take action to solve the problem. Focus on the number one complaint and create an action plan to help alleviate this problem within your company.

Where Do People Struggle?

Sometimes, people suffer in silence. They may not complain until it is too late or they simply leave without you ever knowing why. But there are some things you can watch for that will give you an indicator. Are you seeing multiple people struggle with the same tasks? Identify this task and make the appropriate changes.

Who Has Experienced Burnout?

Look at your turnover in the last year or so. Who has been leaving? What was their reason? Have you sensed burnout among these employees? If you see similar personality traits having trouble managing your business or corporate culture, it is probably not just their problem. Take action to ensure that your star staff doesn’t feel this sense of impending doom or become frustrated with their positions.

What Requirements Make Little sense?

It is also helpful to look at your company’s processes to see what does and doesn’t make sense. There may be parts of your system that are outdated or could be done in an easier way. Talk with your staff to see if anyone has ideas to streamline your processes and make something work better for everyone.

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