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When you hear the word holistic, you probably think of medicine, nutrition, or even meditation. You’re probably not thinking about it in terms of human resources. But how is HR shifting to a more holistic approach, and what does that mean exactly. How can your HR team implement these changes?  

The Role of HR in 2020 

At one point, human resources were all about managing employees. But today’s workplace is looking for a more compassionate way of overseeing the workplace. HR professionals in 2020 are focusing on building relationships with employees with a specific focus on overall wellbeing. Employee experience is now the top issue that companies will need to address in their workplace environments.  

Use HR Talents Wisely 

If the main function of your HR department is to file paperwork, you may not be utilizing them to their full potential. HR should be about the human experience on the job, which means they can do so much more for your entire team of employees. Use technology to streamline the job so your HR professionals can focus on building relationships.  


Focus on the People  

We mentioned employee experience, and that is going to be the number one priority for businesses today. What we talked about as corporate culture fit just a few years ago is now an overarching theme for hiring and retention. But it’s not just about how someone fits into your current environment but how your corporate environment can serve your employees to provide a much more complete experience.  


Outsource Aspects of the Process 

One way you can ensure that your HR department has the time and resources to focus on holistic HR approaches is to outsource various parts of the process. Partnering with a staffing agency to help with the hiring and placement process will allow your HR professionals to focus more on retention rather than sourcing candidates and interviewing.   


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