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Staffing agencies, more than almost any other industry, must maintain a strong reputation.


Because we’re in the business of people.

The product a staffing industry provides is qualified candidates for their client company’s needs. So without a positive reputation you won’t be able to attract top talent. Of course, reputation affects more than just the agency themselves. When the agencies work with companies that also have negative reputations, the cycle continues.

Here are some of the things that candidates might consider when looking for the next employment firm to work with.

Criminal Acts

When a highly visible representative of a company is charged with a criminal act, even if there isn’t a conviction, it affects the public’s perception of not only that business leader but of the company they represent. For a staffing agency, it is essential that a good public persona be maintained since the very business is about connecting employees to employers.

Defective Products

When a company produces defective products, especially when those defects cause major injuries or even deaths, there is no doubt that candidates will second guess available employment opportunities. To ensure you are continuing to hire top candidates in the future, make sure your product and service in the present is top-notch.

Workplace Discrimination

In truth, it is difficult to prove when a company makes hiring decisions based on discriminatory actions, which is why it is so much more profound when someone is under fire for actions that impact issues of diversity in the workplace. There are several levels of workplace discrimination, from race to gender and beyond, and no one should be made to feel uncomfortable in their jobs.

Environmental Scandals

A big issue for today’s employees, especially among the millennial generation, is scandals that involve damage to the environment. The younger group of employees entering the workforce do consider businesses to be stewards of the environment and are far less likely to work for a company with large scale transgressions.

Non-Ethical C-Level Executives

An executive does not have to commit a crime to be under the scrutiny of potential employees or clients. Any non-ethical behavior, whether or not it is illegal, will cause people to take a second look. C-Level executives need to lead by example, and if they want their staff to perform in an ethical manner they need to demonstrate those values.

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