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Qualified employees can be an expensive investment. Between recruiting, vetting, screening, hiring and onboarding, you have invested significant time and money before an employee even starts their first day. That’s why retention is so important, and this is where some staffing agencies leave you hanging. They might bring good candidates in the door, but how to do you keep them there for the long run? Partnering with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) can ensure your new hires come in ready to hit the ground running, and then remain engaged and reliable assets to your team.  What are some other ways MSP’s can be beneficial to your bottom line?

Savings in Payroll

Maintaining a dedicated Human Resources staff can be an expensive proposition. Not only do you have to pay for salaries, but you’ll also need to account for benefits, paid time off, training and more. With a contingent workforce through a managed service provider, you’ll save on payroll costs overall, and have a trusted partner to oversee and optimize the process.

Agility and Flexibility

Your MSP partner should help to scope projects accurately and forecast upcoming needs so that you are properly staffed and prepared at all times.  Your program will run efficiently so you’re not paying for more than you want, and aren’t hit with unexpected costs.  A good MSP partner comes with a strong network of staffing firms that work together, quickly adapting as needed to meet your goals.

Increased Productivity

Reduce hiring costs, improve onboarding processes, accurately track compliance measures and increase employee retention.  These are just a few benefits of working with an experienced team of human resources experts.

Tracking Performance

A good MSP should bring more than just recruiting and accounting efficiencies. They should be able to analyze and optimize your contingent labor program to be sure you are getting the best results possible, and foster a spirit of continuous improvement.

On-Demand Resources

Your MSP is also knowledgeable about a variety of other topics like compliance and employer regulation, so you have access to that information when you need it. Working with on-demand talent can introduce legal risk, so having a trusted and experienced partner to navigate that ever-changing landscape will save you time and money in the long run.


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