Improving Your Recruitment Funnel to Attract Diverse Candidates

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We all know that a healthy hiring funnel is imperative to improving the overall quality of hires. If you’re looking to hire more diverse candidates for your company, it may be that your current recruiting funnel isn’t the right one. Sometimes, recruiting funnels aren’t built to attract diverse applicants, and it’s time to reassess where you’re sourcing candidates. Here are some strategies to rethink how you position your jobs and attract more diverse candidates.

How to Improve Your Recruitment Funnel

Don’t Include GPA Requirements

It’s not uncommon for companies to have a GPA minimum for hiring specialized positions. What’s been discovered is that creating an arbitrary cut-off for GPA reduces the possibility of hiring more diverse candidates. While academic achievement is a good thing, it is also not a predictor of success or productivity in the workplace.

Be Flexible when Scheduling Interviews

Did you know that the time you’re scheduling interviews may rule out many qualified candidates? Not all candidates can make arrangements to leave their current work during the day and may not attend interviews during conventional work hours. By expanding your availability for interviews or providing more phone interview access, you open the door for more individuals to participate.

Consider Offering Paid Internships

The age of the unpaid internship is ending. A recent study showed that 43% of internships at for-profit companies are unpaid. These jobs are only open to individuals with the privilege to accept an unpaid position. At the same time, other communities struggle to earn enough money to pay for housing, school, and basic needs. Unpaid internships cut off top talent from anyone other than those able to afford not to get paid.

Adjust Language in Your Job Description

We are also learning that language is extremely important in job descriptions. For example, gendered language creates a wall for many applicants. Sometimes, to sound fun and casual, a company might say something like, “Be just one of the guys.” But this can prevent women, non-binary, and trans talent from applying if gendered language makes them uncomfortable. Even terms like “Rock Star” or “Guru” can raise concerns.

Reconsider Technical Assessments

Another aspect that most companies consider essential but can create unnecessary barriers for employment. That doesn’t mean testing is inherently wrong, but its implementation should only test for job-related results specific to the employer’s purpose. Be sure to avoid discriminatory practices such as only testing certain groups of people or not providing accommodation for candidates with disabilities.

Are you ready to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in your workplace?

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