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There is no way around it, 2020 has been challenging for everyone. And that can mean a lot of stress and overwhelm for your team, whether they’re in the workplace or working from home. Everyone is struggling, and it’s okay to be not okay. But there are some ways you can bring a positive attitude to your team to help them see the bright side of things. Here are five ways to get started.  


Say Thank You 

The simplest thing you can do to increase satisfaction and engage a positive attitude on the job is to say thank you. Even if you and your team are working remotely, be sure to tell them you’re grateful for the positive impact they’re making on your business. Gratitude is contagious, too. If you begin to say it to your team, you’ll notice they will say it more often to one another, and positivity will spread.  


Establish Fun Goals 

Your team should have a common goal to reach that will positively impact your business, but what about how it will impact your employees? Creating a fun goal that can give people something enjoyable to work toward will also improve their attitude as they hit milestones that will lead to the end of the rainbow.  


Discuss Frustrations Immediately 

If someone on your team comes to you with a concern or frustration, be sure to address it immediately. When problems fester, it’s easy for negativity to creep in. And it will not only affect the people involved, but it will start to spread. Plus, if you discuss these issues right away, your team will know you are actively on their side and have a vested interest in their success and satisfaction.  


Respect Personal Lives 

Especially today, when more and more employees are working from home, it’s important to respect that your team has personal lives and responsibilities. While you do need them to complete their work on time each day or week, you can give them some flexibility to care for their family at home, handle emergencies, and maintain their household even if that is during what would be regular work hours.  


Lead By Example 

If you want your team to have a positive attitude, make sure you have one as well. Your team needs to see that you value positivity, gratitude, and problem solving for them to get on board with this as a main point of the company culture. If you attempt a “do as I say, not as I do” approach, that will quickly breed resentment among your employees.  


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