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Your greatest investment as an employer is in your employees. You spend a lot of time interviewing and selecting the right employees, but once they work from you what are your processes to keep them happy and engaged? Far too many employers don’t spend enough time helping their employees advance their careers. They fear the staff may leave for a new position.

Happy Employees Make Important Advocates

When your staff is disgruntled or feeling stagnant in their careers, they are not likely to make a good impression on your clients, your vendors, or the public. In fact, word of mouth is still one of the most powerful tools in a company’s tool belt, so if an unhappy employee is one of your public faces, you may have a crisis on your hands. When your employees are engaged and happy, they are also your fans and will gladly tell everyone about their good experiences.

You Will Benefit from Their New Skills

There is no way to stop progress. The business community and climate is changing rapidly and companies who aren’t able to embrace new technologies or processes may be left behind. When you support your staff’s effort to advance their skills, you will benefit from this knowledge. Otherwise, they may take their new found skills to your top competitors.

Future Roles are Just as Important

While your employee’s current role is critical for your operations, their future positions may be just as important. In fact, most companies find that hiring from within for higher level roles is an easier process. These are employees who already understand your internal processes. And you can hire someone to replace them and provide training to do things your way.

Increase Your Network from the Inside

Networking is an important part of staffing. In fact, some would argue it is the most important part. But having the right team will also put you ahead of your competition. If you give your staff the tools to succeed, they will remain loyal. They will be able to bring new people into the network of your company.

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