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The holidays are a time of rich foods, sweet cookies, eggnog, and candy canes. After all of that gluttony of the season it is no wonder that many people turn to their New Year’s resolutions to give them the healthy kick they need to start things off on the right foot. The gyms will be filling up with new members and diets will be started. Have you thought about starting some healthy initiatives in your office this New Year? It may be one of the best things you can do to increase office productivity. Here are a few things to consider

Stress Management.

Overwhelmed and stressed out employees aren’t productive, they’re just going through the motions. Stress is a leading cause of heart disease and hypertension. Stress can come from the job or come from home but it is never a good thing. Offer options in the office to help people cope with and beat their stress. Hire a stress management coach, offer visits from a massage therapist, or even yoga classes.

Vacations for Productivity.

There is a trend in the American workplace that causes employees to skip their time off each year. Many employees feel that the office can’t survive without them so are worried about being out of the office for even one day. However, studies have shown that taking time off actually makes employees more productive while they’re in the office. Create a culture where vacation time is valued in your company.

Healthy Snacks.

Do you have a vending machine with candy bars, salty snacks, and sodas? Not only will ditching them save space in your office but it will encourage healthier habits among your employees. Replace them with healthier alternatives such as fruit and bottled water. If the temptation isn’t there most of your employees will find themselves making healthier choices.

Be Motivational.

As the manager or business owner the most important thing you can do is lead by example. Manage your own stress, take vacations, and eat healthier snacks while you’re in the office. This will encourage your employees to do the same in their own lives. This applies to productivity as well. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty doing the day to day work of your company. Your employees will be impressed.