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At Anserteam we are excited to see that our blog content is popular among website visitors. We aim to provide the best possible content to help businesses improve their human resources policies and better manage their staff. This week we’ve decided to take a look back at the prior year and recap the top blog posts. Let’s take a closer look.

The High Cost of Inexperienced Workers.

In May we took a look at the professional trend to hire inexperienced workers to keep the salaries and hiring costs lower. While this may seem like an excellent cost-saving measure, it has been proven time and time again to quickly backfire. We discussed all the reasons that hiring someone without the right experience could actually cost a company significantly more money. We looked at poor attendance, attitude, and customer satisfaction as well as a lack of teamwork and time management. Instead, we highly encourage companies to select qualified candidates who have the potential to become professional superstars within the business.

How to Successfully Develop and Implement a Company Policy.

Later in the summer we looked at the best ways to change and implement a new company policy. We wanted to share some ideas to encourage employee compliance with the new rules. These included discussing both the original problem and your ultimate solution. We suggest that management communicate openly about the changes, demonstrate the benefits, and set positive goals for the implementation of the new rules. We believe that with the right planning a new company policy can be a smooth transition for both management and staff.

Common Workplace Distractions.

Earlier in the year we also discussed some of the most common office distractions and how to eliminate them and encourage productivity and engagement. The four most common distractions in the workplace are the draw of the internet, unnecessary meetings, desk clutter, and reacting immediate to all emails. The pull of these distractions can be extreme but they can also be cured in an office. With a few simple policies in place your staff can be more productive and focused on their jobs.