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Safety in the workplace has gotten a lot of press over the last year. When companies went remote in the spring of 2020, it was for the health and safety of their workforce. If employees were essential, there was a lot of discussion over keeping workers safe on the job. But it shouldn’t take a global pandemic to make safety a significant consideration, and safety compliance needs to be at the top of any company’s priorities every day. How can you ensure that your business adheres to current safety guidelines and even reduce issues related to safety compliance? Consider a Vendor on Premises.


Workforce Management

If you have high volumes of contingent workers, such as over 50 contractors per day on the job, an onsite representative may be ideal. Our VOP can manage dozens or even hundreds of temporary employees at a time. We use standardized recruiting, onboarding, training, and offboarding methods to ensure that everyone is compliant every minute of every day they’re on the job.

Risk Reduction

Compliance is about more than just following the rules that have been set. Continual reinforcement and the reduction of safety risks are also vital factors. Understanding your needs and the requirements of federal, state, or provincial bodies, we can work hard on reducing safety risk from the top down. The reduction of risk helps reinforce safety compliance issues.

Improve Efficiency

Systems and efficiencies are a big part of the safety compliance process. And our onsite managers have developed effective employee incentive programs that help boost morale, reinforce compliance, increase retention, and improve production. We know that happy employees are productive employees, and our employee incentive programs keep your team engaged and efficient, which improves overall compliance.

Compliance Experts

You can trust that the team on-premise is trained in every level of safety compliance management. They’re experts in the industry and understand the needs of your industry as well as your employees. When partnering with an Anserteam VOP, you can feel confident that your contingent workforce will adhere to all safety compliance requirements.


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