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Over the years, several polls have demonstrated that more than half of U.S. Workers don’t feel appreciated on the job. In 2015, only 45% of employees reported that they were satisfied with the recognition they received for their contributions on the job. In truth, most employers do value their workers but they aren’t always as great at demonstrating it. Whether you want to value your sales and recruiting staff or pass valuable information on to your clients, here are some information on making sure you’re sending the right message to staff.

Say Thank You

Many managers seem to forget this simple act of gratitude throughout the work day. Don’t take your employees for granted. Even when they do something they are technically supposed to do, thank them for their contribution. Simply saying the words can give your team a sense of appreciation for the work they do.

Share Third Party Feedback

When a client or a vendor says something good to you about one of your staff members, don’t forget to pass this information on. It is one thing to know that they are satisfying you and the company with their work, but even better to see how their performance affects customers outside the business.

Know Their Motivation

Don’t treat every employee the same. Each of them will have a different mode of motivation and knowing this is an important aspect of managing. Some people like to be rewarded with accolades and recognition. Others may value their personal time and will respond positively to the ability to leave early if their work is completed. Tailor your appreciation to each employee.

Trust Them with Challenges

It is also essential that you trust your team to perform not only the work you hired them to do but also new and challenging projects. Don’t put each employee into a very constrictive box. As you observe their individual personalities and talents, give them other assignments that will utilize their skills and pique their interest.

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