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Every company experiences peak and slow seasons throughout the year. The particular ebb and flow of your business will largely depend on your specific industry and customer base. What are the best ways to handle these natural ups and downs? Managing your workforce is an important strategy to develop to prepare for peak and slow seasons throughout the year. Here are some ways your business can approach this need and solve the problem before it becomes one.

  • Only hire the right number of people.
    Your business lives and dies by keeping up with production or the ability to provide your service to your client base. If you have too few employees, your customer service may suffer or you may not meet necessary deadlines. Create a staffing plan for your business to understand how many employees you need to be effective.
  • Manage productivity levels.
    Having the right employees as just as important as having enough employees. Create an onboarding process that can help new members of your team understand the company culture and how to perform the job based on your requirements. Keep track of employee productivity and reward excellent work. Make corrections as necessary.
  • Make the processes efficient.
    It may also be a useful exercise to evaluate the steps in every process within the company to ensure that everything is performed efficiently and effectively. There may be unnecessary steps or better ways to accomplish tasks. Create a manual for every job in your company and cross train individuals so you are never in a position where the work is not getting done.
  • Augment your team with flexible staffing.
    One of the best ways to deal with an increased or decreased workflow is to work with a staffing service to help augment your team. Individuals who come in on a temporary basis understand the short term nature of the opportunity. They can be managed by the service on site or remotely. You can add or cancel employees as needed based on the amount of work to be completed.

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