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Much like a candidate’s resume, your job posting is the first glimpse into your company for many job seekers.

You need to make sure it is engaging, interesting, and informative. So what are your descriptions missing?

Before you hit publish on your next job posting consider these three things to make sure you’re reaching the right audience and attracting the best candidates.

Your Company’s Personality

We’ve all read job postings that read a little too much like a laundry list of tasks. They are generic and otherwise indistinguishable from thousands of identical job postings. These listings get resume results, but probably more quantity than quality. To attract the candidates that will fit in best with your company culture you should use this opportunity to share a little bit about your organization’s personality. Write it to reflect your corporate values. Rely less on a complete list of job skills required and more on the type of person that you’re looking for to fill this role in your team.

The Perks of the Job

Another way to get candidates interested in your job, as opposed to any job, is to focus on the perks that your company has to offer. This can include everything from the office environment to the benefits you provide. If your company promotes flexibility, mention that. Other things that job seekers like to see from a potential employer is community involvement, a focus on heath and work/life balance, and how your team has fun while working for you.

Common Sense Calibration

Of course, you have to include some information about the skills you’re looking for and the job duties. The best way to do this is to calibrate the job description for common sense. This means that you have directions about how to apply to your job. Most of the time this a way to gauge whether or not someone is able to follow directions. For example, if you ask that they provide a detail in their cover letter or a specific subject line for the email you can immediately disqualify anyone who misses these essential steps.

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