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Hiring may be the single most important activity your company engages in throughout the course of conducting business. While ensuring your product or services are top-notch and your customers are happy will be essential, none of that will be possible without a strong team of employees to perform their daily tasks. But you may be wondering if you’re getting the right return on investment with all the time you spend hiring that perfect person. So how much time are you really spending on the hiring process? Let’s take a closer look.

  • Preparation ahead of hiring.

    Many companies skip this step, but it is essential to the success of any new employees you bring on board. You need to be sure you have the position within your budget, the equipment the new employee needs, and the management capacity to ensure they have a positive employment experience.

  • Developing the job description.

    Next, you need to develop a job description that will act as a guidepost for this opportunity. This is what will be used to construct the advertising for the opening as well as inform their performance reviews as they progress. Create a job description that can evolve over time with the employee as needs change.

  • Advertising the need.

    Put the job out there to the community to attract the right candidates. Many companies focus only on large internet job boards in the same way they utilized local newspapers in the past. Today, many successful candidates are discovered through alternative platforms such as social media.

  • Reviewing resumes.

    After candidates have applied for the position comes the difficult task of narrowing down the pool based on resumes. This can be complicated because of the high volume of resumes you may receive. The first pass is a glance to determine which candidates have the skills necessary. From there, you can dive into their experience to select which candidate to interview.

  • Conducting interviews.

    Many experts suggest a multiple interview process, but without too many steps. That might sound complicated, but it is effective. For instance, you may start with a phone screen of your top candidates to get a feel for their general receptiveness and communication skills. From there, invite a smaller selection for face-to-face interviews. You can narrow it down more and invite only the serious candidates to meet with the team before making an offer.

  • Onboarding processes.

    Once the individual has been selected, you need to ensure they are made comfortable on the job when they start. Onboarding should be about more than filling out paperwork and training for specific tasks. They need to understand the company culture, the environment, and meet the rest of the team to feel included.

One of the best ways to streamline your hiring process is to work with a staffing partner. These experts are trained in providing the best services for your company to ensure you’re making the best hiring decisions.

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