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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has been behind some of the greatest victories in the history of employee safety. Each year, OSHA sponsors an annual event called The National Safety Stand Down to draw awareness to accidents on constructions sites. 2015’s event reached 2.5 million workers across the United States. The goal for 2016 is to reach 5 million. With help from the employment community, this goal can be met. Here’s how you and your client companies can participate.

What is the Stand Down?

The event is a voluntary opportunity for employers to address their staff directly about safety concerns. For the 2016 theme, the Stand Down will focus on fall hazards and falls prevention.

When Does it Occur?

Employers are encouraged to present the Stand Down any time the week of May 2-6, 2016. Information is available at the OSHA website to find and utilize ideas, standards, information, and programs.

Who Can Participate?

All employers, especially those within the construction industry, are encouraged to participate. In the past, OSHA has seen participation from residential contractors, sub-contractors, general industry, unions, and trade organizations.

Where is it Held?

The National Safety Stand Down will happen at your place of employment or your client’s worksites. OSHA encourages construction managers and other labor employers to hold these events on the job so the safety hazards and prevention of accidents can be discussed directly in the environment.

How is it Conducted?

The idea behind a Stand Down is to encourage the entire organization and all of your staff to take a break so everyone can discuss the ideas behind fall prevention and hazards. This can encompass inspection standards, safety plans, and unique situations in their environments.

Why is it Important?

In 2014, 345 out of 899 deaths on construction sites were caused by falls from an elevation. These deaths could have all been prevented with the proper safety training, equipment, and knowledge. OSHA wants to ensure that every construction employee has an opportunity to work in a safe environment.

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