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There are so many changes happening daily in terms of COVID-19, our understanding, and prevention. It’s understandable how things can be confusing. As businesses reopen their doors, however, management needs to be aware of the implications and know what to do in the instance of a COVID-19 case in their office. Having a good plan in place before the experience will make all the difference. Here is a guide to help you plan your next steps.  


Increase Communication  

The key with this pandemic and any other crisis we may experience in business or at home is communication. If you’re discussion options for reopening your office or bringing employees back onsite, you need to communicate early and often. You can do so by sending office emails, text messages, or encouraging group video or phone conferences.  


Encourage Sick Employees to Stay Home 

Regardless of a diagnosis of COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to encourage employees who feel under the weather to stay home. There has long been a culture of employees feeling like they need to tough it out, but this can be devastating in our current situation. Update your sick day policy to ensure everyone stays home and safe if they feel ill for any reason.  


Enforce Physical Distancing and Use of Facemasks 

For employees who need to come into the office, be consistent with the enforcement of physical distancing and the use of personal protective equipment. If an employee doesn’t have a face mask, you can provide surgical or KN95 masks to help them stay safe on the job. Readjust workspaces to better accommodate 6 feet of distance.  


Offer Remote or Flex Schedules When Possible 

For employees who aren’t required to be in the office, continue with remote work options. If it’s not possible to do this 100% of the time, adjust to having a flexible, hybrid, or staggard schedule for fewer people in the office at any one time.  


Clean and Disinfected Regularly 

Cleaning frequently touched surfaces is also essential for keeping your employees safe. In some companies, a single person handles wiping down doorknobs or other commonly touched items throughout the day. You can also provide disinfecting wipes to your employees, so they clean surfaces as they use them.  


What support do you need during COVID-19?  

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