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Whether you’re searching for your next staffing professional or helping a client find the perfect fit for their open role, it may pay off to search outside the box for a new employee. Why? Cross over and transferable skills with a diverse background of experience can help shed new light on old problems within your business or at your client site. If you’re running into a wall trying to find the next top candidate, consider these reasons to search from another industry.

Evaluate ambition rather than experience.

There was a time when most companies hired for potential rather than specific skills. After the recession in 2007, fewer clients were willing to take a risk on someone without the experience they needed. They were unwilling to invest in training, so the focus was narrowed to only individuals with very specific skills. But that is changing again. Focusing on their long term goals, ambition, and aptitude can give you a better-rounded employee.

Create an environment that embraces change.

When you have a workplace that hires individuals from outside the box, you’ve already established a precedent that your business welcomes change. Allow the new employees time to explore their surroundings, the job, and work with others in your company. Encourage your veteran employees to embrace new ideas brought on by their new colleagues.

Look at the big picture rather than small details.

Recruiters need a certain skill set. They need to be able to source resumes, interview candidates, and work within your applicant tracking system. But that doesn’t mean someone needs to bring all of these specific skills to the table. Consider other ways someone may have developed the ability to conduct these tasks in their daily work.

Discover new ways to find candidates.

Part of the reason we put ourselves into hiring boxes, even as staffing professionals, is that we aren’t willing to look at creative solutions to finding candidates. Even when we make that promise to our own clients, we fall back on the tried at true methods for ourselves. Looking outside the normal outlets for traditional staffing roles can open up the possibility for more.

Talk to others who have transitioned to a new role.

When you’re considering more creative options for your own positions or those of your clients, start by talking to others who have made a transition between careers. What was their experience? How did they find their job? What was it like training for the new position? You will also see their personality and temperament which may give you a better idea of how to make a hiring decision.

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