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We all know how uncertain things are right now. And we also know that it’s okay to be as concerned about the economy and your business as you are about the health of you, your family, your employees, and their loved ones. We could very well be in this for the long haul, and that will mean having to reopen under less than optimal conditions. So how can you open your doors back up to employees responsibly and compassionately?  


Make Your Employees Feel Safe 

The single most important aspect of reopening an office environment is to ensure that your employees feel safe coming to work every day. This can be handled in several ways. Improving the cleaning processes in the office is the first step. Make sure you have a good policy in place for taking sick time. If your employees feel unwell, they need to feel okay about self-quarantining.   


Communicate Your Guidelines 

Throughout this process, you need to communicate your guidelines to your employees as well as anyone who will be coming into your office. Internally, have regular meetings with your team about the guidelines, changes, and updates. For clients or customers, the best bet is to use a combination of signs on the entrance and social media.  


Reassure Employees 

There’s a reason why commercials today are sharing the universal message of “these uncertain times.” We just don’t know what tomorrow will bring, and this pandemic is challenging for all of us. Your employees may have more concerns than just their paychecks. They may be concerned about themselves or a loved one who is at high risk. As things ramp it, it’s essential to recognize that your employees may be distracted on the job, and that is okay.  


Personal Protection for the Workplace 

A few months ago, many people didn’t know the definition of PPE. But personal protective equipment is now normal. For most of us, the PPE we wear is not medical grade, but it can still help us manage contact with others and keep ourselves safer. If your employees are interacting with customers, encouraging everyone to wear masks will help provide peace of mind.  


How can you reopen safely?  

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