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Many businesses leverage a contingent workforce for a variety of benefits. It provides a measure of predictability to their staffing and employment expenses, helping reduce costs. The approach also gives companies the flexibility to easily scale their workforce to meet current demands.

Additionally, company managers enjoy the ability to focus on running their business as opposed to engaging in a time-consuming staffing process. After all, letting the staffing experts handle your contingent workforce pays significant dividends to any business. In fact, these benefits increase when your staffing vendor actually works onsite with your company.

Onsite staffing – also known as vendor on premise – remains a strategy worth considering for businesses using a contingent workforce. Their close proximity allows them to effectively serve as an extension to your company management, improving productivity. Check out these insights on the concept of onsite staffing for contingent workers and its benefits to your organization.

What is Onsite Staffing or Vendor on Premise Staffing?

Onsite staffing programs involve a business with a contingent workforce permanently hosting a representative from their talent provider. Having an employment vendor actually on the premises reduces the workload for that company’s HR team. It also lets the organization’s managerial team concentrate on their internal duties, as noted earlier. This rep handles a variety of functions related to the contingent staff, including recruiting, payroll, account management, and more.

The vendor on premise approach makes sense for businesses with more than 50 employees – permanent and temporary. It effectively provides a premium level of staffing services, ensuring skills gaps are quickly filled and efficiency stays high. An onsite staffing vendor especially helps during peak demand periods when your company operations might become strained.

Simply freeing up your company leadership to actually manage provides a significant improvement in productivity. Understanding your contingent staffing needs are handled by an onsite vendor also offers peace of mind. It remains a wise choice for medium-to-large businesses with a significant contingent workforce.

Benefits of Onsite Staffing for Your Contingent Workforce

Let’s explore some of the most important benefits of vendor on premises contingent workforce management. We cover everything from improved worker supervision to handling a lack of expertise on an important project. Use these insights to make an informed decision on your organization’s operational staffing strategy.

Onsite Staffing Improves Supervision and Workforce Management

As highlighted above, a representative from your company’s staffing partner located onsite improves your organization’s supervisory footprint. The internal management team gains the ability to focus on the big picture, especially managing your permanent employees. At the same time, your contingent staff has someone from their own company on hand as another leadership resource. If anyone from your contingent team has an issue, they simply meet their on-premises representative.

This approach also fosters the seamless and transparent communication that remains important in the modern business world. It reduces the risks of cliques hampering morale for both your internal and contingent workers. Onsite staffing remains the right strategy to optimize the workforce management at your business.

Onsite Staffing Services Provide Access to Specialized Skills and Expertise

Consider a scenario where your company needs to complete an important project before a non-negotiable deadline. Unfortunately, your business currently suffers from a lack of experience with a certain tool or technology critical to the project’s success. Trying to find this talent using a traditional approach remains too time-consuming, costly, and risk prone. This situation ultimately puts that deadline in jeopardy.

When adopting the vendor on premise approach, your contingent staffing rep understands the critical nature of this skills gap. They quickly move to source and hire the contingent talent you need with the right skills and experience. This keeps the project on schedule, ensuring happy clients and/or stakeholders while improving your profitability.

Greater Flexibility and Adaptability

Leveraging an onsite staffing provider also provides businesses with the flexibility they need to thrive in an increasingly competitive economy. It facilitates the scalability to add talent during crunch time, without the long-term financial impact of hiring permanent employees. When your business’s workload trends lower, simply work with your onsite rep to reduce the number of contingent workers.

It’s another benefit of the vendor on premise strategy that ultimately helps your company improve its profitability. Your staffing spend varies based on how many workers the business actually needs. Trying to accomplish this level of scalability with a permanent workforce remains difficult, if not impossible. It perfectly illustrates one of the major advantages of partnering with an onsite staffing services provider.

Onsite Staffing Helps Mitigate Risk Factors Related to Regulatory Compliance

Nearly all medium and large businesses must handle a wide array of regulatory compliance issues. These risk factors cause a drain on company revenue if you suffer any fines for being out of compliance. Additionally, regulatory considerations become even more complex if your business has locations in multiple states or countries.

When using a contingent workforce with a vendor on premise, their rep handles these issues for your temporary staff. They manage payroll, tax regulations, and ensure the workers they provide are allowed to work in the U.S. Once again, this takes the load off of your internal management and human resources team. It especially pays dividends for companies with a small HR staff.

How Onsite Staffing Optimizes Contingent Workforce Productivity

Companies already taking advantage of a contingent workforce understand the many benefits of this staffing approach. However, hosting a representative from your staffing partner onsite helps your organization enjoy even more advantages. In short, their proximity greatly improves the overall efficiency and productivity of your temporary staff. Let’s take a closer look at some of these productivity benefits of vendor on premise staffing for contingent workers.

Onsite Staffing Streamlines the Hiring Process

The onsite staffing approach greatly optimizes your company’s hiring process. We already talked about the scenario when using an onsite staffing services provider helps you close a skills gap. Reducing your business’s time to hire also lets you onboard new contingent talent faster than the alternative. This is especially the case when considering a risky staffing effort to hire a permanent employee.

Maintaining a talented candidate pool is one important reason onsite staffing providers lower your time to hire. When researching potential vendor on premise partners, pay close attention to the quality and size of their talent network. You want to partner with a provider known for placing workers as quickly as possible.

Onsite Staffing Providers Can Offer Training and Skill Development

The training and professional development of contingent workers is another important consideration for your business. The best onsite staffing providers take pride in the training resources they provide to their staff. Remember, their employees make up the contingent team provided to your company whenever you need to add talent.

Additionally, meaningful professional development programs improve employee morale and lead to a higher retention rate. This golden rule also applies to your permanent staff. It ensures your contingent staff has the right talent, inspiration, and engagement to perform at a high level. Expect a significant boost in productivity as a result.

Onsite Staffing Can Integrate VMS Technology to Streamline Workflow

The top online staffing service providers leverage innovative Cloud-based vendor management systems (VMS) to optimize contingent workforce management. A state-of-the-art VMS plays a key role in fostering a more efficient and productive contingent staffing process. When considering the complexity involved in managing a contingent workforce, using a VMS becomes essential. The vendor on premise representative leverages tools like these to ensure the seamless management of your temporary team.

Consider a scenario where your company employs hundreds of contingent workers located in different states. The tax and compliance issues discussed earlier are only one part of this management puzzle. An onsite vendor representative using a VMS becomes essential in this situation to ensure business productivity stays high. VMS usage is another important data point for comparing potential partners when researching onsite staffing service providers.

Vendor on Premise Staffing Improves Communication

We already talked about the importance of transparent communication when inspiring any workforce. Employees feel more engaged when they stay informed and understand their opinions matter to company management. A contingent workforce offers little to no exception to this concept. They ultimately want to feel like an important part of the team.

Having a representative from your contingent staffing provider always onsite at your business facilitates this level of communication. Your contingent workforce feels more comfortable knowing they have a company rep to approach with any questions or concerns. This seamless communication also flows between your company’s management and staff and your contingent team. Expect to build a culture focused on hard work and productivity as a result.

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