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In the last few months, our collective conversations about paid time off and sick leave have changed quite a bit. In fact, between the time this was written and the time it is posted, some things may have changed again. In a business world dealing with the fallout from COVID-19, we hope that companies will take a moment to consider their paid sick leave and safe time moving forward. Here are some things to consider.  


What is Paid Sick Leave? 

Paid sick leave is exactly that. It gives employees time off from work to address their health and safety needs without losing pay. Many nations require paid sick leave, but not all. In this era of a global pandemic, companies must address the needs of their employees to ensure that they can recover or care for their family members without fear of financial fallout.  


What is Safe Time?

Safe leave is a concept that many countries and states are now offering to employees. Safe time is paid leave that employees can use in the case of domestic abuse, sexual assault, or stalking. In the case of one city in New Jersey, unused Safe Time, as well as Sick Time, can be carried over into the following year as long as it doesn’t exceed the maximum.  


How Can You Update and Change? 

So what can you do as an employer to update and change your paid leave policies? If you’re in a local jurisdiction that has expanded paid sick leave requirements, be sure you’re compliant with all regulations. Review your current attendance policy to ensure that nothing violates regulations. Review payroll policies to ensure your employees are receiving the right rate of pay.  


How Can Your Company Be Flexible and Compassionate? 

What’s most important in times like these is to know how to be compassionate and flexible for employees’ needs. Many of our clients are now working from home, and while we typically have expectations about how that works, a lot of people are doing it for the first time. Give them some slack in dealing with distractions or, in some cases, an illness in the household.  


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