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Poor employee performance and the risk of losing top talent have always been a major concern for HR managers and business owners. When someone quits unexpectedly, we often think there was no way we could have seen it coming. But that’s not always the case. Performance problems in the workplace don’t have to be egregious to make an impact. How do you spot problems and what are some ways you can measure your employees performance?  



One of the most common and most personally destructive forms of performance problems in the workplace is burnout. This is when an employee is simply no longer able to function in their current role due to stress either at home or on the job. Once an employee hits critical mass with burnout, it may be too late to solve the problem. So it’s important to look at other factors that might lead to it.  


Low Motivation  

Do you have a generally high-performing employee beginning to slack off on the job? This could be due to low motivation levels and can be caused by things at work or home. For example, it’s not uncommon for your workers to have low motivation during a major crisis like COVID-19. What you need to do as a manager is find a way to channel their energy positively and provide additional support to get them through.  


Workplace Challenges 

Or it might be something causing their low performance that isn’t in their control. For example, there may be workplace challenges such as a lack of access to technology that will allow them to provide top quality work. They might not be able to get the resources they need to work efficiently or effectively. Determine these challenges and remove the obstacles.  


Management Concerns 

If an employee has a problem with a manager or supervisor, they are highly unlikely to communicate that until its too late. But that doesn’t mean you can’t see the signs as it’s happening. If you see friction forming between your employees and anyone in a seniorlevel position, address it. Talk to your employee about what might be causing these problems and then solve them 


Lack of Incentives 

Employees also like to feel appreciated. Without that gratitude from upper management, they begin to feel as though they’re taken for granted. That can be especially true in situations like we’re experiencing today where employees and managers may not interact face to face in the office. Be sure to show your appreciation through actions, gestures, words, and rewards.  


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