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When is the right time to start planning your hiring?

Answer: always. Yes, it is true, you should always be planning your next move when it comes to hiring. There are multiple reasons for this and the more you embrace them the more prepared you will be when a need arises. Let’s break it down to a little more detail.

  • Before you have a need. The worst time to plan your hiring strategy is when an emergency arises in the workplace. No matter how well prepared you are things happen that cause good employees to leave or bad employees to cause major problems. Anticipate that these things could happen, even if they don’t, and have a plan in place to solve the problem quickly and efficiently. For example, keep and maintain a strong relationship with a local staffing agency who can help you with both long term and immediate needs.
  • When a good candidate lands on your doorstep. Sometimes you can’t prepare for when the right candidate will show up. If, through networking or other connections, you find a candidate will all the right skills for your company but weren’t planning on hiring you may want to rethink your strategy. It would be a tragedy to lose a perfect candidate over a self-imposed timeframe. Figure out a way to make something work.
  • When you have high production needs. There will be times when higher production is expected based on your overall business model. There will be other times when you need to ramp up the work when you’re not expecting to do so. It is always a good idea to have a short term hiring plan in place to help when you can’t manage the workload with your current staff. This is another great reason to partner with a local staffing company.
  • Each time you evaluate your budget. You probably review your company’s finances several times throughout the year. When you do, you need to consider potential turn over and the cost of new hires even if you’re not expecting it to happen during that time frame. It is critical to always have a budget to handle unexpected hiring costs or you may find yourself unable to meet your own production needs.

Do you have a hiring strategy for the rest of this year?

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