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Not every vendor management system is the same. That’s not a failure; it’s a function of the market where different services work best for different environments. What’s important is that you need to know which VMS will be a good fit for your specific business model. What questions should you be asking when you’re evaluating a VMS? Let’s take a closer look.  

How Do You Manage Communication?  

Many companies are concerned that, when working with a third party and a contingent workforce, there will be a communication breakdown. If the partner doesn’t communicate effectively with your team, will there be critical missed information? When evaluating the new program, it’s okay to ask questions about their method of communication.  


How Does the System Manage Tasks?  

The entire reason to have a VMS in place is to manage tasks previously managed by an individual. That gives your team a chance to concentrate on other work that may drive profit rather than procedure. You want to know that your new VMS can handle these tasks, so nothing falls through the cracks. Asking them for information about how this works will be essential.  


What Are the Risks?  

When handing over the keys to the kingdom to a completely different company, you are right to be concerned about risks to your data and assets. However, any VMS who is a serious contender in the market will have systems in place to handle this information. Ask them how they protect your data as a part of their general process.  


Explain the Current Process 

Of course, there is more to their process besides communication, task management, and security. In fact, you should also be asking for them to take you through the entire process as a part of their sales demo. They should be able to demonstrate every step of the way so you can ask questions and even customize services to better suit your business.  


Do you have questions about using a VMS?  

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