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Are you having trouble filling a particular position?

Does your company have a strangely high turnover rate that you can’t explain?

While it is easy to blame the candidate pool or bad employees, sometimes the ownership of the problem needs to be awarded to management.

Is your company a place where employees want to work? Are you driving candidates away before they even get a job offer? What if there are small changes you can make to your business to change this outcome in the future.

5 Reasons Candidates Don’t Want to Work For You

Big mistakes in the job postings.

Would you call a candidate whose resume was riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes? You probably wouldn’t so make sure that you don’t commit the same crimes in your job descriptions. Review everything before it is published and if you happen to notice a mistake after the fact, try to correct it.

Negative online reputation.

Have you Googled your company recently? Do you look at review sites like Yelp or comments on Facebook? In today’s connected world it is extremely important that you manage your company’s online reputation. Potential candidates are going to Google you, check reviews, and social media and if they see too much negative information they aren’t going to be interested in working with you.

Poor follow up skills after conversations.

If you do nothing else, make sure you call people back when you say you will. This is the point of the process where almost every candidate starts to feel frustration. Even if you are not going to hire someone that you’ve interviewed, you owe it to them to let them know.

Lack of respect for the candidate.

This also plays into the idea of showing respect for all the candidates. Don’t show up to an interview late, don’t be distracted when you’re talking to them, and don’t treat them negatively. They are interviewing your company as much as you are interviewing them so you want to leave them with a good impression.

Less than adequate compensation package.

Finally, money is a motivating factor for candidates to refuse jobs. If your company is paying less than the industry standard for your area then the candidate is likely to walk away to consider another offer. They have been coached to do research themselves so do you own and look up the average salaries on

Are you concerned about employee turnover and candidates refusing your offers?

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