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There is no doubt about it, tracking your employees’ time is the single most important thing your company can do to manage your costs and labor force. But the timeclocks of the past are quickly going out of style, so how do you make sure you manage the punch-in and punch-out times for everyone working on your job site? More importantly, why should you integrate your timekeeping process with your vendor management system? Check out these suggestions to answer your questions.

New timekeeping technology.

The number-one reason you should consider integrating your time clock with your vendor management system is to embrace new technology. By doing so, you demonstrate to your team that you are a company that isn’t afraid of development, growth, or change. There is also a lot more that new timekeeping technology can provide for your company that a simple punch-in and punch-out clock could never do. Access to internal information can help you become more effective in business.

Efficient billing system.

By integrating your software with your timeclock, you also streamline your payroll and billing process. You won’t need to track down timecards, which is a major task many managers and staffing agencies need to do all the time. But this system will also pair with your payroll and billing software to make these activities much easier so there will be plenty of time to focus on other tasks.

Easy to approve hours.

The approval process for employee hours can take a while, too. Especially if you’re working with clients or staffing partners. An integrated system will help with one-touch approval that can be done anywhere, anytime. No more tracking down managers or supervisors, much less the employees themselves. There is nothing that will shave more time off a payroll process than streamlining this step.

Keep accurate employee records.

Finally, by integrating the simple time clock with your VMS, you will have the ability to track much more than the employees’ time. This will keep accurate employee records related to attendance, performance, and more which can be found through simple searches. A VMS can also help you easily update employee information when necessary, so there is never inconsistent information on file.

Is payroll your biggest sticking point?


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