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You’ve been there: A big project needs to be ramped-up to accommodate increased needs or customers and your current staff is already spread thin. What do you do to increase productivity and production? You may not have considered augmenting your staff with temporary employees, but it can be the difference between a successful campaign and employee burn out. There are many practical reasons to consider working with a staffing partner. Let’s take a closer look.

  • Consider the cost. Hiring is an expensive prospect, and the hourly or salary rates aren’t the bulk of that cost. The hiring process itself requires some monetary output as does your onboarding protocol. You will also have to pay administrative fees, taxes, and potential benefits for these employees. If you’re working with an agency to provide temporary help to augment your staff, all of your cost is figured into the single bill rate, which could streamline your budget for staffing.
  • Consider employee morale. What happens when the project is over and you no longer have a need for the new employees you’ve just hired? Company layoffs affect everyone, not just the people being laid off. How will your permanent staff feel as they watch their new coworkers eliminated from the roster? This can impact employee productivity and performance even among those untouched by the process. Agency employees understand the temporary nature of the project and can work with the service for further placements after their assignment is complete.
  • Consider long-term planning. Seasonal spikes in production may be a regular occurrence for your business or they may come out of the blue based on a new sales strategy or customer requirement. In any case, you may not have a lot of time to ramp up for production if you’re worrying about the hiring process for additional employees. But working with an agency gives you the ability to create a long-term plan for increased production. This can even be a selling point to new customers when they’re wondering if you’re able to handle the new volume of business.
  • Consider discovering talent. While the nature of contingent staffing means these temporary employees aren’t expecting permanent placement with your organization, you can’t overlook the fact that someone may make an indelible impression on you and your company. And if you are able to discover that talent, you can work with the staffing service to transition the new employee over to your company on a more permanent basis.

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