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Recruiters are the bridge between quality talent and the clients who need specific skills. The goal is always to hire the most qualified individuals through a variety of sources to present to your client companies. But what happens when your recruiting techniques feel stale or you’re not getting the best candidates on the market. Here are some strategies to consider from The Staffing Stream to help increase your success in today’s candidate pool.

  • Try task based interviewing.

This method is all in the strategy. The best way to know if someone is capable of the job is to test them to make sure. Many agencies will use skills test to ensure that someone is competent, but that doesn’t always show the intricacies of how a candidate completes a task. If you can, ask them to do a small project to demonstrate their skills.

  • Fully vet each candidate.

There are several potential steps to pre-screening a temporary employee, and staffing agencies will be responsible for some of these processes. The client may ask for additional services as well. At the very least, make sure that all of the reference checks are completed prior to placement. Follow up with any necessary background checks as well.

  • Make matches based on cultural fit.

The true talent of any recruiter becomes apparent when they work hard to match a candidate to an office environment to achieve maximum success. This is why staffing is a people-oriented business and why successful recruiters are good listeners and communicators. Placing someone with the right skills is critical, but placing them in an environment that works for everyone is essential.

  • Upgrade your applicant tracking system.

Finally, it may be time to consider new technology to aid your recruiters in sourcing, tracking, and screening their candidates. New technology is emerging every day, including cloud-based systems and mobile applications for candidates, that can help improve the overall productivity of your star recruiters. If your team is spending more time on administrative functions than on sourcing quality candidates, it may be time to consider new options to help push them ahead.

What are your hiring initiatives for this year?

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