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As an interviewer you probably like to throw some out-of-the-box questions at your candidates. It is a way to determine how they think on their feet or if they have over-rehearsed their answers.

What happens when the shoe is on the other foot? Job seekers are coached to ask questions in an interview to determine more about the company culture. You may need to take a minute to process a question that has caught you off guard.

Here are 4 tips for answering tough culture questions from candidates.

Questions about leadership style.

The candidate may ask questions designed to determine how managers approach their job. They may be trying to determine if micromanagement will be a part of the day to day work experience. However, few candidates will come right out and state it that way. Figure out the best way to talk about the management and leadership style in the department.

Questions about additional opportunities.

Candidates also want to know about growth opportunities. There may be two general approaches. Some candidates might be too eager to progress out of the job for which you’re hiring and others are genuinely curious about a future with your company. Talk to them about how people achieve long term success in your organization.

Questions about how you show appreciation.

They will also want to know how to demonstrate to your team that their contribution matters to the bigger picture. What kinds of rewards programs do you have? Do you offer fun events with the office? Are there additional perks beyond the basic benefits package? Is their recognition for production or innovation?

Don’t only say what they want to hear.

As the interviewer it is your job to paint a realistic picture. Try to stay positive but be honest. It would be far worse to describe a situation that simply does not exist to please a great candidate and have them unhappy on the job. Hiring the right person is not just about the right skill set. You also need to hire the person who will best match the environment you already have.

Are you interested in learning more ways to communicate your company culture to potential candidates?

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