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One of the top responsibilities for procurement officers is the evaluation of managed services providers. But as your purchasing department looks at a variety of suppliers, what should you take into consideration? What aspects of their business are essential to your company? Before you go into your next MSP evaluation, here are some things you may want to consider.  



The first step is to determine if your MSP can help you with the project at hand. Can they staff up to the numbers you need to ensure that your project is completed in a timely and satisfactory manner? This is something you can discuss with the MSP before drafting a contract.  



You also want to know of the quality of individuals they staff will be up to your standards. Be sure to connect with references for your MSP to see the quality of work they’ve done in the past. You should also discuss their sourcing methods to find out how they hire their contingent workforce and determine if that meets your standards.  



Metrics on the job will also be essential to the success of any project. How does your MSP track performance of individuals placed on assignment? Who is supervising the team while they are completing the project? How will you be notified of this information 



You also want to know how your MPS handles and mitigates risk while completing your project. You want to know how compliant they are in terms of local and federal employment laws. You also want to know how they will handle situations that could impact your project and company negatively. How they respond in crisis will be as essential as their success.  



When talking with your MSP candidates, consider the overall aspect their presence will have on your business. They should be there to help you accomplish your goals and succeed in your project. If at any time, you feel as though their participation will negatively impact your business, it may be time to consider another partner.  


Do you want to know more ways working with an MSP can help your procurement department?

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