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As we’ve discussed over the last several months, a top procurement officer needs to wear a lot of hats. And as the needs of your business evolve, your processes need to expand. That means vendor management is a massive part of the procurement process. How do purchasing departments work with vendors, and can a managed service provider help streamline and organize the process?  


What is Vendor Management? 

A managed service provider, or MSP, is a way to outsource the various processes of your business to increase productivity. This is often done by using a VMS. In short, a vendor management system is a technology generally used via a web app, that allows businesses to interact with their staffing partners to ensure open positions are filled and successful. They will manage the different vendors, often for temporary or contingent work, by tracking the data to demonstrate how everyone is contributing to the company’s success.  


Vendor Management and the Contingent Workforce 

When you work with short-term gig employees, your workforce must be managed from the inside out. A VMS and an MSP staffing partner can ensure that contingent workers arrive on time, work their necessary hours, and provide the required level of service depending on the specific job. When you’re managing a massive project, it can be easy to let aspects slip through the cracks, so a VMS is essential to many large staffing programs.  

Education and Compliance 

VMS offers tons of aspects to help you and your team provide training, education, and information related to legal compliance in the workplace. These are all essential aspects of working on many contingent projects, and of allowing these to fall to the wayside can be a considerable detriment not only to the project but to your entire company.  


Centralized Solution 

Most importantly, as a procurement manager, you have enough individual pieces that need to be coordinated. There is no reason for your staffing partners to be in that category. A single centralized solution will be enough to ensure that you have everything under control, can manage the entire project from one tool, and track the progress from start to finish.  


Do you want to partner with an MSP or VMS solution?

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