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In 2020, everything changed. Companies needed to pivot how they did business day-to-day to keep employees and clients safe. That has affected human resources and the entire hiring process as well. Could that mean 2021 is the perfect year to consider recruitment process outsourcing? What is an RPO, and what are the benefits for your business? 

What is an RPO 

RPO stands for Recruitment process outsourcing. You can read more about it here and here. Ultimately, it’s a way to partner with a company specializing in the placement and management of employees to handle that aspect of your business.  

Cost Reduction  

Hiring is expensive work. Whenever you need to bring people on board, whether it’s for a contract or a permanent position, you have to put out a large investment of time and money. And don’t forget to value your time properly. All of the time you spend on recruitment, you’re not spending that on the profit-making aspects of your job. Letting the position remain unfilled also costs money.  

Time To Hire 

One way to save money is to reduce the time to hire. That’s exactly what an RPO can do for you. They will help you scale your recruiting process so you can have top talent in whatever position necessary as fast as possible. They can do this based on their processes and network, so every candidate is prescreened and qualified before setting foot in your business.  

Data Analytics 

You also know that data is king. In today’s world of big data, knowing the numbers is not the same as analyzing the numbers to use to your advantage. An RPO will be able to provide you with exactly the reporting you need to ensure that your entire process is efficient and effective. This will benefit future hiring programs and your overall budget.  


The RPO you partner with is an expert in human resources, recruiting, and employment regulations and standards. They maintain meticulous records on the experience to ensure that you comply with current laws affecting labor and other aspects of the workforce. Compliance is key in all industries, so it’s great to have an expert partner on your side.  

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