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It is easy as a hiring manager to focus entirely on what the candidates have to offer. However, an interview is really a two way conversation. How can you expect a top tier candidate to want to accept your job when you haven’t shared what makes your company the best place to work? It is important for you to be able to sell your company and place it in the best light possible so they get excited about the prospect of working for you and not anyone else.

4 Tips on Selling Your Company to Potential Employees During the Interview Process.

Share Your Success.

You want your new employees to believe in the company and see where they fit in with the long term plans. Tell them about your company’s biggest successes and how the entire team is responsible for various aspects of the outcome.

Show How You’re Different.

You want to stand out from your competition. You don’t want a skilled candidate to take a job from a competitor because they are able to offering something better than your company. Share insights about your company culture or team environment to entice the right candidates.

Have Benefits Beyond Benefits.

New employees expect the normal benefits like health insurance, personal time off, holiday schedules, and similar things. But what can you offer beyond these regular benefits? Some companies offer office based wellness programs or memberships to local gyms. You can also offer regular employee retreats or flexible schedules. What can set you apart as an employer of choice?

Demonstrate Career Growth.

Finally, you don’t want a new employee to decide they’ve reached the pinnacle of their career within the first few weeks. Demonstrate that you provide long term career growth within your company. You value talent and experience and want to encourage long term working relationships with your employees.


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