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Company culture is a huge buzzword throughout corporations and small businesses. But what does it mean, and how can your company leverage it to attract top talent? The culture, values and mission of your company should be reflected in the personalities of the people who work with you. You want a variety of mindsets all able to come together to create the best products or services for your end users. How does corporate culture translate in your recruiting processes?

Communication Skills

A candidate wants to see the office has good communication skills throughout and that it matches their preferred style. Maybe your candidate prefers communicating digitally through collaboration software, but your company values face-to-face meetings. This may not be a match in the company culture department.

You can demonstrate your company’s communication skills even before you set up the first in-person interview. Talk to them directly about how communication works throughout your office and ask them pointed questions about how they prefer to communicate with managers, co-workers, and customers. By matching your company’s style to the best candidates, you’re on the right path to using your culture to attract the top candidates.


You also want to demonstrate to potential candidates how employees and management work together on any given day or any given project. Job seekers want to see genuine enjoyment when they walk into a work environment. As a company, you want to ensure there is no palpable animosity exists in your workplace. This means you expect your team to solve disagreements as they happen.

A strong team will provide stronger services. They can work together to ensure all the needs of the company and customers are being met. You want to sell how your team works together to potential candidates interested in your open opportunities.

General Likability

Job seekers will also evaluate a potential opportunity based on their gut feeling and how much they genuinely like the people they meet. A lot of that will be personal preference, but you can showcase your corporate culture to demonstrate how likable you and your team are.

A candidate is going to walk away if they don’t get that feeling of satisfaction from their first meetings. If they don’t, problems will quickly arise as they try to shoehorn their own personality in with that of your team. The same should be the case for the candidate. If you don’t like them, no matter how qualified they are, you may not be able to work with them.


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