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Working with short-term or temporary employees is often an important part of running your business. They help fill gaps, complete major projects or get your company over an obstacle. How do you motivate your short-term staff as if they were full-time employees with your company? Before you bring in temps for your next project, here are a few ways you can show love to your team.

  1. Create a training program.

    When you involve your full-time staff in the training and orientation of your short-term or part-time team members, you can encourage a great working relationship. Often, your full-time employees believe that a temp is there to take their position, but its up to you to communicate that isn’t the case and the short-term employees are there to assist. By assigning mentors from your established team to work directly with short-term or part-time employees, you can bolster this trust in your full-time employees and give temps a feeling of belonging within the company.

  2. Be grateful for their work.

    Gratitude is contagious. When you tell someone “thank you,” they are going to feel it like a burst of sunshine. They are then more likely to say it to someone else. Often, short-term employees fall through the cracks when it comes to appreciation. They aren’t a part of your regular recognition programs and they can get missed. Be sure to let them know when you’re happy with their work. And pass that information on to their recruiter as well, which will go along way to helping them find their next assignment.

  3. Make the workday fun.

    Enjoyment and satisfaction don’t have to cost your company anything. All you need to do is instill a sense of fun in the workplace. Make it a place where people want to come work. Happy employees are productive employees. They enjoy what they do and they become great brand ambassadors for your business, which is a good thing from temporary employees who will report back to their staffing agencies on every assignment. Do small things every day that make people happy. Ask your team what they want and find out ways you can implement these ideas.

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