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If you’re running a small business, you have probably considered the question of your workforce several times. While you likely have a strong core of key employees, what about the other jobs that take away from your team’s ability to concentrate on their own specializations? That’s where a contingent workforce can come in. These short-term, temporary, or contract positions can help your company succeed and thrive in a competitive market for small businesses. So how can contingent labor help your business? Here are some examples.

Outsourced administrative tasks.

What you do is specialized, but there are also many individual nonspecialized tasks that need to be completed throughout the course of a day, week or month. Work with dedicated administrative professionals on a short-term or long-term basis to help you navigate these tasks without digging into your own valuable time.

Specialized focus on social media.

Marketing is obviously a huge part of your company’s success, but in today’s digitally connected era, putting efforts into the right kind of marketing is critical. And if you haven’t yet learned how to navigate the world of social media, you can hire someone who can. Contingent employment is a great way to work with experts in social media to kick start your campaigns.

Expert skills in accounting and finance.

Another aspect of your business that requires very specific skills is your financials. Unless you are already a financial expert, it really pays off to work with an outsourced accountant to make sure you are keeping track of money in and money out. A contingent accountant or financial expert can help you with your bookkeeping, tax payments, and payroll.

Additional help to keep up with work.

Depending on your products or services, there may be times where production needs to be ramped up, but only for a finite period of time. Rather than putting forth the effort to hiring multiple employees only to let them go once the busy season is over, working a with a staffing partner can give you the boost you need and build dynamic relationships at the same time.

Save your small business money by working with a contingent workforce.


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