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You know making the right hiring decision from the very start is incredibly important to your business. The right candidate brings the skills to the table and needs to interact with your current team in a productive and healthy way. But what if your recruiting processes have flaws from the start? Not everyone is perfect and sometimes we can miss even the most obvious issues with a task we handle over and over again. Here are four common weaknesses in your recruitment initiatives and how to fix them.

  1. Your application process is too hard.

    Weaknesses in your recruiting process can start even before a candidate walks through your door. You could be missing out on top talent from the very beginning. Many companies have adopted online application processes, but how easy is it for someone to apply? Do they have to go through several screens of repetitive information? You might think this is a way to keep up undesirable candidates, but it also keeps out desirable ones. A good online application process should be easy to use for those submitting their resume.

  2. Your interviews are inconsistent.

    Once you do bring candidate in for an interview, how do you know what to ask. Do you decide to wing it every time? This can be a fatal flaw in your hiring process. Why? Because you’ll begin comparing apples to oranges rather than trying to determine which candidate brings the right skills and personality to the table. If you create a consistent interview process, you’ll be able to compare notes effectively and make the best choice.

  3. You’re not following up with candidates.

    We cannot stress this enough. Even if you decide not to hire a particular candidate, you owe it to them to contact them and let them know. You’re building bridges, and it doesn’t help you to burn them before they’re even established. You never know when a previous candidate can become the right choice for a future position. If you never follow up with them, you’ll miss out on that opportunity and negatively affect your employer reputation.

  4. You hire based on a gut feeling.

    Maybe the candidate reminds you of a much younger you. Maybe they know someone in the industry that you admire. If you make them the offer on the spot, you’re not giving yourself a chance to fully evaluate whether they would be a good fit for your organization in the long term.

Do you want to update your hiring process to make it easier for top candidates to apply?

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