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There are several questions employers have right now about the current job market. Is there truly a labor shortage? And, if so, what can be done to hire top talent? The labor shortage is in existence today due to the rapidly changing nature of technology and industry. As advancements are released, fewer professionals possess those skills. But there is hope on the horizon. There are a few things you can do to improve the quality of your new hires, and that includes diving into the world of staff augmentation. Here’s what you should know.


Avoid Impossible Expectations

There is a legend among recruiters we’re going to let you in on. It’s called the “Purple Squirrel.” This is when a company creates expectations so high for candidates, the job is impossible to fill. It would be like finding a unicorn.

But that only leads to frustration, so something needs to be done much earlier in the process. Before setting standards so high no one can meet them, look at the other available options to decide how to proceed. By utilizing staff augmentation, you can bring people in for the short term to help you fill critical roles and be able to go on from there.

Hire for Potential

In many places, this looks like hiring for potential rather than an exact match of skills and experience. Look at candidates who possess the basic skills you’re looking for and demonstrate the aptitude to understand the concepts that are important to your company.

When you hire for potential, you also avoid any bad habits a more experienced employee can bring to the table. Just because someone is an exact match for your expectations doesn’t mean they’ll be a fit for your company. They may have learned to do something in a very different way that is not at all compatible. Staff augmentation can give you the tools you need to find the right candidates with potential.

Review Your Corporate Culture

We are fully immersed in a candidate-driven market, and that means you need to alter your hiring process to attract the brightest and best candidates to the table. To find the right people for your open positions, take some time to look internally. Is your company culture attracting the kinds of candidates you want representing your organization?

This also means providing the things candidates want as an incentive to work with you. Younger workers are looking for training, mentorships, and the career fast-track. Everyone wants healthier work/life balance. What are you doing to make these a reality in your company?

Partner With a Recruiter

Ultimately, to hire the best people for your job, you should partner with an expert in employment. While you’re running your business, you can let recruiters trained in sourcing, prescreening and placing qualified candidates help you hire and retain top talent.

Staffing partners offer a wide range of services from direct hire placements to staff augmentation that can help you get through a busy cycle yet still be able to evaluate whether or not these temporary candidates could be a good fit for your organization. This process can help you avoid the labor shortage and stay at the top of the game.


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