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After the recession hit in 2007 the job market changed. Many job seekers began to feel desperate for any job rather than finding a job that fit their talents and values. This created a loyalty problem where employees left jobs after only a few months because the next opportunity opened up for a few cents more. Now, 7 years later, the market is opening back up and both employers and employees are looking for the right match. How do you screen and interview candidates to find out if they are match for your organization and not simply looking for a short term solution for unemployment?

4 Tips on Hiring Loyal Employees
to Stick with Your Organization

  • Look for signs of research. You want to know someone is prepared when they step into your office for the first time. Not knowing what your company does or how this role fits in with the organization are immediate red flags. A candidate should be invested in your company specifically and not just looking for any job.
  • Talk about core values. Both individuals and corporations are made up of core values that inform every decision they make. Hiring someone with drastically different core values than your company is a recipe for dissatisfaction. Talk to them about your corporate mission statement and try to get a feel about their own personal motivations for doing a good job.
  • Discuss their long term plans. You also want to know their ultimate career path. Are they taking this job just to have a paycheck or does it fit in with their long term goals? Don’t just ask them where they see themselves in 10 years. Talk to them about what they have done in their career so far and how they see this job fitting in with their goals and what you can do to help move them forward.
  • Ask about what they are looking for in return. Finally, you want to know what they are expecting form you. What do they need in terms of salary and benefits? Also, what kind of management experience are they looking for or expecting? How can your company help them for the remainder of their career? A good working relationship should always be a give and take.

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